Paikwin received her Masters in Architecture and Bachelor of Science from University at Buffalo. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate school, architecture has been an outlet for Paikwin to express and develop her designs and ideas. As recognition of her achievements, Paikwin was given the “R. Buckminster Fuller Award” and “UB’s Arthur Alfonso Schomburg Fellowship”. She was recognized as a student of “extraordinary innovation and inventiveness in design.” Several projects of Paikwin were exhibited in UB’s Anderson gallery and published in UB’s Intersight book.

Paikwin is also interested in traveling and experiencing the cultures of different countries. Summer 2010, Paikwin traveled to Sichuan Province, China to teach English. All of the students were affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and she had the privilege to teach and encourage the students there. Below is a photo of the students and Paikwin.

Paikwin is at the lower right.

In Summer 2011, Paikwin worked with Habitat for Humanities to help build houses in neighborhoods surrounding Buffalo.

In December 2011 to January 2012, Paikwin traveled to Cambodia to share and encourage college students to pursue higher education. Cambodians were greatly affected by the 1970′s genocide, during which approximately half of the country’s population was killed. The consequences of that genocide pervade the lives of the students whose families survived that ordeal. Below is a photo of Paikwin, her team, and several Cambodian students.

Paikwin is at the right side of the photo.


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